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Care and Support Services

Care and Support Services

Reliable, Registered Care And Support That Keeps People Front And Centre   

We are registered to provide both care-at-home and housing support services that make positive, real-life differences.

A tailor-made care plan

To ensure care and support that matches each individual’s needs, we rely on our rigorous “My Steps to Support Assessment” process. Typically completed by a qualified social worker, this process may draw on assessments from other professionals including an occupational therapist.

Following assessments, a support plan is prepared by the social worker, or by a person of the individual’s choosing. Aligning with Self-Directed Support legislation and guidance, our support plan will focus on the outcomes that the cared-for person is looking to achieve.

Agile support that keeps pace with a person’s life

Wherever possible, we provide flexible support according to a person’s needs. So rather than offering fixed, unaccommodating visits, our support can respond to changing circumstances. It can be there at times of crisis, or when unexpected or short-notice appointments present, and when social activities over-run. Flexibility also means the people we help care  and support for can stay in control of the support they receive.

For more information on our Care and Support Services, please call 0131 225 8890 or send an email to stan@harmonyemployment.com